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The E1501C Single Head Machine from SWF is where most of our customers opening new embroidery businesses start, and many just keep adding as they grow!

There are several  videos spread throughout the website that show the 1501C in action, but the real story, and what you need to know is:

Is the SWF 1501C the Best Embroidery Machine for Me?

The answer depends on many factors, including what you want from your Embroidery Business, who your customers are, what market you serve and, of course, what your budget is. But E/1501C might be the one for you if:

You need something Compact

The "C" in 1501C stands for CAN fit in a home office. This compact embroidery machine is only 2.5 feet wide, 2.5 feet deep and 5 feet tall.

You need a commercial machine that will do the job

The SWF 1501C is a single head machine designed for commercial use. That means it can handle just about any job you throw at it! Monograms, easy, left chest logos, simple, complex 15 color designs, absolutely!

You need something Fast

After all, your business depends on how much you can produce. The commercial machines that SWF designs run at up to 1,200 stitches per minute! While you won't run them that fast often, that extra speed and power is there when you need it most. Imagine how much you can produce with that kind of speed.

You need something Portable

That's right, if you are planning on doing events or shows, the SWF 1501C from Stitch It International is the perfect product. Not only is it small, and fits on the end of a retail counter top, but it's only 140lbs so it's easy to transport. AND at 2.5 ft. tall, you can fit it into the back of many SUVs and mini-vans.

You want to embroidery on Caps

The Quick Change Cap System comes on every Stitch It International SWF Machine, including the 1501C! Other machines require lots of mechanical adjustments to load a cap, then switch back to flats.Up to 30 minutes per day In a busy shop! This simple mechanism can save you 30 minutes a day, 2.5 hours per week, 10 hours per month of extra time for you to do more business. You HAVE to watch the video on the right and see the Quick Change system in action.

You need something Easy to Use

The big, bright LED screen and easy to follow menus make all of Stitch It International's systems so simple to operate you'll be up and running in no time!

You have no time for Down-Time

Every SWF Machine from Stitch It International comes with free Training, free Technical Support and a 5 YEAR warranty. That's right, you get the best training possible to help you launch your business with the knowledge you need to operate and maintain your equipment through the biggest jobs, free technical support from Stitch It International if you need it and 5 years of parts warranty in case you need that too.


The SWF/E-1501C is the latest compact, 15 needle machine from SWF. Recommended for start-up embroiderers or to add to any sized shop, this new, robust machine includes a 6.4 inch high resolution LCD control panel.

SWF offers the largest variety of single-head, 15 needle machines in the industry, accompanied by an array of high-end accessories. Every machine includes standard features considered options on other brands. Our special packages include everything you need to get started including a 5-Year Warranty, Training, Digitizing, Editing and Lettering Software, accessories and selected stock designs.

  • 6.4 inch high resolution LCD
  • 2 USB drives for loading designs from USB flash drives
  • On-screen prompts guide you through every step
  • Rotate or Mirror Image
  • Scale designs up or down - from 50% to 200%
  • Manual/automatic offset - frame can easily be returned to the previous position by selecting the option, or set to automatically return to the previous offset position when a job is completed.
  • Origin Return - easily return to the starting point of the design
  • Tracing - Laser traces design to ensure accurate placement before ever sewing a stitch!
  • Floating - Moves frame forward or backward through design without stitching by units of 1, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 stitches, or by color code.

There are many companies that sell embroidery equipment but only Stitch It International offers a 100% trade up guarantee on your machine along with a 5 year warranty, the industry's only searchable support database for embroidery and digital garment printing, multiple training locations, Toll Free support line and unparalleled customer care.

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